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Anchorage Work Injury Lawyer

Workers' compensation was devised as a compromise solution to the problem of worker injury. In this compromise, workers give up their right to file suit against their employers in return for quick and certain compensation for care and disability. It is a "no fault" system: No matter whose fault it was that a worker got hit by a falling object, the employer accepts that is its responsibility.

Rehbock & Wilson • Anchorage, Mat Valley and Kenai Peninsula Workplace Accident Lawyers

The problem is that the employers put their lawyers on their side of the scales of justice causing an imbalance. The voice of employers is much louder in the state legislature than the voice of workers, so the rules behind workers' comp keep getting more complicated. 

Obtaining Fair And Appropriate Work Accident Compensation

At Rehbock & Wilson, we use our knowledge of this system to restore the balance. We don't allow our clients to be cheated or cajoled out of the benefits they deserve. We have restricted our practice all these years to doing the one thing we think we do very well — protecting injured workers and surviving family members.

Injured on the job? Call the Anchorage work injury attorney who will fight for you: Robert Rehbock of Rehbock & Wilson at 800-477-8574. Or write to us using this online form, describing your injury and the status of your case. We want to help you to get back on your feet and on with your life.