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Anchorage Medical Provider Payment Lawyer

Patients are not the only people who can be wronged in workers' comp settlements. Health care providers frequently find that their services have been downgraded, underpaid or not paid at all. Our firm represents health care providers who have been defrauded or deprived of payment by employers' insurance carriers.

Worker injuries are only a small part of most clinics' case load. But such cases are time-consuming and involve more paperwork than others, so the shortfalls caused by underpayment and nonpayment have a pronounced negative effect on clinics' bottom lines.

Representing Health Care Providers In Payment Claims

The most common forms of nonpayment and underpayment include:

  • Denial of payment, because the insurance carrier disagrees about the extent of the injury or the treatment administered
  • Improper payment based on what they customarily pay for a treatment
  • Underpayment based on miscalculations of the fee schedule
  • Nonpayment without any stated legal basis — they just don't pay

Mat Valley and Kenai Peninsula Insurance Payment Attorneys

When this happens, the first line of recourse for providers is to request adjudication of the matter before the Alaska Workers' Compensation Appeals Committee. It is always wise to work with a law firm that is adept at advanced workers' compensation law when making such an appeal — a law firm like Rehbock & Wilson, of Anchorage. Our firm enjoys a high rate of recovery for clients, in line with existing fee schedules or with the treatment contract that was in effect.

We will help you to file the petition requesting proper payment. We will stand by you at all hearings. We will obtain expert testimonies on the value of treatments and take depositions of witnesses — whatever is warranted by the case at hand.

As a workers' compensation firm, we do all work, including medical underpayment cases, on a contingency basis. You pay us nothing until we produce results on your behalf.

Has your clinic been stiffed in workers' comp payments? For justice call Anchorage medical provider payment attorney Robert Rehbock at 800-477-8574.