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Anchorage Work Injury Settlement Attorney

There are two main ways to resolve a workers' comp dispute: at a formal hearing, before a commissioner of the Alaska Workers' Compensation Appeals Committee, or in mediation. Formal hearings are trial-like, procedural and high-risk, because a third party will decide the outcome. More and more claimants are looking to mediation to work out a settlement for workers' compensation disputes. Mediation is nonbinding, and it allows both sides to have the feeling that they have a measure of control over the outcome.

Mat Valley and Kenai Peninsula Occupational Injury Lawyer

At Rehbock & Wilson, we recommend mediation to clients whose case is compelling and when the two sides are not light years apart. We still represent you as your lawyer, but the atmosphere is more relaxed than at an official hearing. The truth is that both sides are usually looking for a number "in the middle" that they can live with.

Resolving Work Compensation Claims And Putting Them Behind You

When mediation succeeds, which is often, a settlement agreement is drawn up, a check is issued and the case is closed, which brings relief to both sides. When mediation fails to resolve the problem, the two sides are free to walk away and resume their suit in a formal hearing or lawsuit.

As with all our workers' comp work, we charge you nothing until we achieve a positive outcome. We invite you to call and discuss putting your case to the mediation test.

Workers' comp cases are often resolved in settlement and mediation. To learn about your options, call Anchorage work injury settlement lawyer Robert Rehbock at 800-477-8574.