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Rehbock & Wilson offers the depth of our experience, our understanding of Alaska workers’ comp law and our insistence on always representing the “little guy” in our practice. Under the Alaska Workers’ Compensation Act, injured workers are entitled to compensation by their employer/carrier for medical costs and disability benefits, but sometimes they do not provide your statutory entitlement. If you have permanent limitations or loss of earning capacity, the law gives additional rights and benefits.

Workers’ comp is not a perfect system. It balances the needs of workers and employers, but only works when you are willing to fight for your rights. You need a law firm like Rehbock & Wilson willing to take up your cause. From our headquarters in Anchorage, we represent clients throughout the state, including in Fairbanks, Juneau and beyond.

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Defending The Rights Of Injured Workers

We fight for your rights as an injured worker or for proper compensation for surviving family members.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Work Exposure:

If you have time off of work or need medical care because you believe you were exposed at work:
YOU MUST FILE an “Employee Report of Injury” (found here) within thirty days of having reason to believe you got it because of work!
If the employer or its insurer fail to pay your time loss and medical care within two weeks of your report or dispute or controvert any part of the claim, contact us by email or by phone at 907-279-9132. We are still hard at work for injured workers!

Practice Areas

Workers’ Compensation Claims

We have extensive experience working with those with difficult disability compensation claims.

You Have Been Denied Benefits. Now What?

A workers’ comp lawyer is a tremendous asset during an appeal of a denial.

Helping Medical Providers

A denial of benefits also impacts the bottom line of hospitals and medical providers.

Workers’ Compensation FAQ

Learn more about workers’ compensation here.

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It Is About Getting Back On Your Feet

Workers’ comp is about more than paying your doctor’s bills. It is about keeping you in the game if you have been disabled. It is about the future of your family if, God forbid, you are killed on the job. It is about obtaining the training and rehabilitation to get back on your feet and into the workforce again.

We understand that every injury is unique; so, there are a number of services we provide that can help effectively resolve your injury issue. Our record and reputation reflect our ability to skillfully guide our clients through what can be a years-long and often frustrating process involving extensive paperwork and unforgiving deadlines. We go through this process with you, helping you get the medical attention you need and the benefits you deserve. Remember, the most important thing is getting back on your feet!

We Are The Last Free Lunch

The best thing about having a law firm like Rehbock & Wilson represent you is that you never pay us a penny. When we obtain a positive result, we demand that the insurer or the employer pay our fees by board order in addition to, and not out of, your compensation and benefits. All that experience, and all that legal knowledge — at no risk to you!

Injured On The Job And Need Legal Help? Contact Us.

We are the Alaska workers’ comp attorneys who will fight for you. Call our Anchorage office at 800-477-8574 or contact us online.