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Workers’ Compensation

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There may be a moment in many workers’ compensation claims that illustrates the arrogance of insurance carriers. It may be the moment that they take issue with the recommendations of the injured worker’s doctor.

They may state that the physicians wrongly diagnosed the problem or treated it in the wrong way. This judgment may come from nondoctors or doctors who have never seen the worker’s injury. Their judgment may even come from persons who have never been in the workplace and know nothing about the job. Nevertheless, the error is always that the cost of medical care and recovery is too high.

Proper Compensation For Your Work Accidents

Workers’ comp was originally envisioned as a system that would balance the interests of workers and employers. But, it is clear that the balance has shifted over the years in favor of employers and insurance carriers. That is why it is important that there are lawyers like those at Rehbock & Wilson.

We stand up for all types of injured workers and fight for workers’ full recovery and the proper compensation for injuries incurred on employers’ behalf. Our attorneys represent injured workers with various kinds of workplace injuries, from a broken leg to lung cancer.

Our Firm Handles Every Kind Of Workers’ Comp Issue

The services we provide to those filing for benefits include:

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