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Part Of Alaska For Generations

Workers’ compensation in Alaska has changed since “Doc” (Ernst Z.) Rehbock founded our firm in 1970. Already a respected Alaskan with law degrees from three nations when Alaska became a state in 1959, Doc imparted to his son Robert A. Rehbock the knowledge and understanding of what an attorney can do to help his or her friends, neighbors and clients.

Guiding individuals who have filed or plan to file for workers’ compensation benefits, we have watched the laws grow more complex. This is part of an increasingly sophisticated strategy and tactic to gain a greater advantage over unrepresented employees. Have someone who has grown up with the law on your side.

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Two Men With A Passion For Helping Workers

Licensed to practice in both Alaska and New York, Robert Rehbock has been protecting the rights of the “little guy” in the Alaskan workplace since 1977. He was taught by his father to equally respect his commitment to fighting for the downtrodden and to use his knowledge and experience of workers’ compensation law to that end.

Andrew D. Wilson is originally from the farm country outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was lucky enough to meet his fifth-generation Alaskan wife while the two were in college in the Northeast. She brought him back to her beloved Alaska and they have lived here since. Wilson joined the firm in 2015.

Have You Been Injured On The Job, And Refused Workers’ Compensation?

Call the law firm that will fight for your recovery: Rehbock & Wilson. Our office in Anchorage can be reached at 800-477-8574 or through our website’s contact page.