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Disabled at work? Know the benefits protected by Alaska law

Families are often financially devastated when a parent or loved one is restricted from working and earning money as before. It is not easy to manage a halt in the flow of finances when medical bills rise and you’re forced to cope with a temporary or permanent injury.

So, what can you do when injured on the job? After seeking medical attention and possibly legal counsel for workers compensation, it is important you know employee disability rights.

How do I file a worker’s compensation claim?

There isn’t much that is more stressful than being injured on the job. Not only is it a hassle to go through medical treatment to get back to work quickly, but getting a claim processed isn’t the easiest process either.

Regardless, it is important if you experience a workplace injury to you take care of yourself right away and get your claim filed to help pay for medical bills and missed time from work.


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