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You Have Been Denied Benefits. Now What?

If you are experiencing or fear resistance from your employer or the insurance company, you can and should challenge that decision. You can do this by filing a workers’ compensation claim with the Alaska Workers’ Compensation Board within two years of when the injury occurred, or the last date of payment if you have received benefit payments for the injury in the past.

Based in Anchorage but serving injured workers throughout Alaska, Rehbock & Wilson can help guide you through the appeals process. While the initial phase of filling out a workers’ comp claim is fairly easy, the process gets much more complicated once there is a denial. We believe this is by design to benefit the employers and insurance companies, but we have extensive success fighting for workers’ benefits. Call us at 800-477-8574 today.

Common Grounds For A Workers’ Comp Denial

Here is a list of common reasons for a claim to be denied:

  • The claim was not reported or filed on time.
  • The employer disputes that the injury happened at work.
  • The injury was not the result of your accident or the work that you do.
  • Stress-related injuries or conditions are hard to prove.
  • The injury is not severe enough to merit a claim.

The Process To Appeal Denied Benefits Claim

A denied workers’ compensation claim means the employer decreases its insurance liability and expense. Once you receive that letter stating the denial, it is now crucial to reach out to a lawyer with experience handling workers’ compensation appeals. The attorneys at Rehbock & Wilson can help you determine the best course of action for a successful appeal, regardless of the industry you work in.

If the two sides are close, mediation or negotiation can be an option to resolve the matter quickly and with less conflict. If the sides choose to continue the appeal before the board, we go through the process with you each step of the way, which may include rules of evidence and civil procedure that will need to be handled in front of a judge. It all begins with a letter to the Workers’ Compensation Board that initiates a formal action against your employer’s insurer.

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