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Common Injuries Covered

Common Injuries Covered By Workers’ Comp

A common misconception about workers’ compensation is that it is only for people who have an accident at work. Sure, it may be an object that falls on them or they might fall from a height, but it also covers a broader range of injuries.

Workers’ comp even covers injuries to telecommuters working at home and bush pilots injured in a crash. It addresses pre-existing conditions that are made worse on the job, and psychological problems such as post-traumatic stress or dangerous anxiety syndromes.

Workers’ Comp Covers More Than Just Broken Bones

Injuries covered in workers’ compensation claims include such events as:

  • Workplace violence
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Remote site accidents
  • Diseases like COPD that develop over time
  • Gradual loss of vision or hearing
  • Repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel or tennis elbow
  • Toxic exposure

We Help With All Kinds Of Workers’ Compensation Injuries

At Rehbock & Wilson, our typical client has an injury that occurred all at once: cuts, broken bones, amputations or injuries on the factory floor. But, we are experienced in the full gamut of workplace injuries.

We pride ourselves on identifying the full cost of injuries. For example, a truck driver who is involved in a collision that results in the death of another person will require psychological therapy as well as emergency ward care. We make certain that this kind of extended rehabilitation is included in the workers’ comp claim.

Injured On The Job And Not Sure It Is Covered? Contact Us.

Learn whether your injury is covered by workers’ compensation in Anchorage, Alaska. Call attorneys Robert Rehbock and Andrew D. Wilson at 800-477-8574 or go to our contact page. There is never any cost to the injured worker, nor does our fee affect your benefits. Lawyers are paid separately by the insurer, so you have nothing to lose.