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Unmarried and childless workers lack full death benefits

Many professions in Alaska can have unpredictable work environments. Those who work a more physical job such as an oil field worker, miner, truck driver or construction worker may have an easier time getting their daily exercise in when compared to an office desk job, but they risk their health in many other ways. Because of this, these workers often learn about compensation and death benefits before they go to work so they can prepare on how to recover from physical and financial damage after a major injury or accident on the site.


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Coronavirus CVD-19 Work Exposure:

If you have time off of work or need medical care because you believe you were exposed at work:
YOU MUST FILE an “Employee Report of Injury” (found here) within thirty days of having reason to believe you got it because of work!
If the employer or its insurer fail to pay your time loss and medical care within two weeks of your report or dispute or controvert any part of the claim,
Get hold of us via the contact us email on this page or by phone at 907-279-9132. We are still hard at work for injured workers!”