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Coronavirus COVID-19 Work Exposure:

If you have time off of work or need medical care because you believe you were exposed at work:
YOU MUST FILE an “Employee Report of Injury” (found here) within thirty days of having reason to believe you got it because of work!
If the employer or its insurer fail to pay your time loss and medical care within two weeks of your report or dispute or controvert any part of the claim, contact us by email or by phone at 907-279-9132. We are still hard at work for injured workers!

Why workers shouldn’t try to handle job injuries alone

On Behalf of | May 2, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

Workers’ compensation coverage exists to protect employees from financial hardship if they get hurt on the job. Most employers in Texas provide coverage for their workers that both helps to minimize the company’s liability and reimburse individuals for medical costs and even their lost wages after a work incident or a diagnosis of a job-related medical condition.

It is common for workers to worry about what might happen to their careers if they file a benefits claim. These employees might try to address their injury or illness with their health insurance benefits as a result of this concern, but doing so could be a costly mistake.

Health insurance makes patience pay for care

When someone requires medical care and uses their health insurance, they often end up responsible for a portion of their bill. Many modern policies have deductibles that require that someone pay thousands of dollars before the insurance company will cover their treatment. There are also co-pays for different types of care and also coinsurance that can cost someone thousands of dollars more.

Unlike that limited coverage that forces a patient to absorb some of the expense, the health coverage provided by workers’ compensation is very complete. Injured employees can expect full coverage with no cost-sharing, allowing them to access whatever treatment they require without damaging their finances. Additionally, a claim for health benefits will make it easier for an individual to later secure disability benefits if they cannot quickly return to work or have to move to a lower-paid position.

Workers’ compensation covers more than just treatment

Filing a workers’ compensation claim in Alaska won’t just mean better medical benefits. It can also lead to disability coverage. Workers’ compensation may reimburse someone for a portion of their lost wages if they require an extended leave of absence from work due to their symptoms.

Although disability benefits will not fully replace lost income, they can be a critical source of support for someone temporarily out of work. Especially if workers do not have paid time off coverage or separate disability insurance policies, the disability benefits available through workers’ compensation can be a crucial financial lifeline until they recover.

Seeking legal guidance to better understand the basics of Alaska workers’ compensation can help people benefit from adequate support after suffering an injury on the job.